Monday, June 13, 2011

Another funny comment from General Assembly

Over the weekend I was reminded about another funny quip made during last week's General Assembly.  

During the report on the Administrative Committee, Dr. Roy Taylor, stated clerk of the denomination spoke about the work of The Administrative Committee.  It works quietly behind the scenes making sure that that denomination functions correctly at every level.  He used an analogy comparing their work to the work of the local water and sewer departments - no one seems to notice until something goes wrong. 

At this point he realized that he had just given his critics ammunition.  He quickly corrected himself with these words:

"The Administrative Committee is like the water department...the SJC (Standing Judicial Commission) is the sewer department." 

The Assembly roared with laughter. 

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Wes said...


This was hilarious. I remember the moment well. Thanks for the laugh!