Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Loss of a Friend

On Father's Day we learned of the loss of a close family friend.  Leroy Housley had my dad's best friend since the 9th grade.  He died suddenly on Sunday.  His wife Mary Lee was very close to my mother as well.  She died a few years back and Leroy remarried since then. 

My parents have lots of stories about things they did together as young married couples.  During my growing up years our families were almost inseparable.  To me and my brothers Leroy was always "Uncle Leroy."  He and my dad spent a lot of time fishing or hunting together and working on various projects.  I have memories of them dividing up their catch of northern pike and walleye.  I also remember the time they crushed grapes and made wine in our basement.  Leroy had a quick wit and he employed it well.  He was the master of the one-liner always said with a straight face.  He was a true Minnesotan, through and through.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Housley family at this time of loss.

Postscript: For those familiar with professional hockey there is a connection - Leroy is the father of Phil Housley.

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