Saturday, June 18, 2011

A Prayer Request

Upon returning from General Assembly I received some bad news.  Our congregation was informed that we could not use the building we rent for Sunday worship beginning on 6/12/11.  A few days later we learned that the building has been closed indefinitely and we have been released from our rental agreement.  While we have made temporary arrangements to worship at a local Christian School our congregation is officially homeless. 

The issue concerns black mold in the church basement. It was discovered after some recent work to fix a sewer line.  The building was erected about 100 years ago by a local Lutheran congregation who outgrew it several decades ago. It has changed hands over the years and served as an incubator for several local congregations, most recently Evangelical Free, Southern Baptist, and now us.  It is quite possible that the local non-profit agency that owns it may have to tear it down.

What's sad is that the sanctuary of this church is beautiful. Additionally, we've been told that the acoustics are the best in town.  Our congregation has been in the building for six years and our people have grown to love the facility.  It's wood floors, steam heat (with radiators), stained glass windows and all the creaking noises of an older building give it a unique charm.  

Buildings like this aren't easy to find. We would appreciate your prayers as we try to locate a new home for our congregation.  Of course, I've heard from many that "a church is more than a building."  That may be true, but without a building the work of a church is made mmore difficult.


Anonymous said...

David --

I really am sorry to hear this! It looks like a perfect place to minister, and moving a congregation is alwsys very disruptive. I've spent some time praying for you and your flock.

Tim Keller

Dave Sarafolean said...


Thanks for your note and for your prayers. They are much appreciated. Our deacons are busy working on solutions. We hope to have something lined up by the beginning of school.

Missed you at GA.