Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Work and the Church - Veith and Witherington on Vocation

I've been following the online discussion between Gene Edward Veith and Ben Witherington moderated by Trevin Wax.  Veith is a Missouri Synod Lutheran: Witherington hails from the Methodist/Wesleyan tradition.   Veith wrote the book, God at Work.  Witherington interacted with that title in his work, Work, A Kingdom Perspective on Labor. 

The online exchange was broken up into three separate posts (see below).  The individual segments are not particularly long so don't be put off.

Work and the Church, Part I of Veith and Witherington

Cooperating with God, Part II of Veith and Witherington

Rewards, Virtue and Work, Part III of Veith and Witherington

This discussion fits hand-in-glove with yesterday's post (Horton, Chandler and Keller's discussion).  For those trying to understand the relationship between vocation, culture, and church please read and reflect. 

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