Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Fal$e Teacher$

Wow, nothing like speaking the truth.  Rapper Shai Linne does exactly that in this song about false teachers. What I appreciate is his awareness of how this garbage is being exported around the world in the name of biblical Christianity.  I also appreciate him naming a few names:

1. Joel Osteen
2. Creflo Dollar
3. Benny Hinn
4. TD Jakes
5. Joyce Meyer
6. Paula White
7. Fred Price
8. Kenneth Copland
9. Robert Tilton
10. Eddie Long
11. Juanita Bynum
12. Paul Crouch

Linne explains his motives in this video:

Linne's courage is much appreciated.  These teachers are a scourge on the modern church and they need to be exposed.  Far too many people support them and as a result millions upon millions are being enslaved by a form of Christianity that cannot save them from their sins.  

HT: Out of Ur

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